Wednesday, February 27, 2008

John Steinbeck Bio Card

Hello Freshmen,

Today you're going to create a Bio B-Day card for our next author, John Steinbeck. To make this card, you need to:

1. Research- Find 6-10 facts about Steinbeck's life, books, and his ideas. Write these facts down on a sheet of paper to pass in with your final Bio Card. Make sure to copy down where you found your information.

2. Create- Design a card where you incorporate at least 5 significant elements of Steinbeck's life. Make sure that your card reflects an understanding of Steinbeck and his ideas. Also, you need to include a photo or artistic rendering of Mr. Steinbeck.

Make sure that you don't simply list facts on your card. This is a birthday card, not a list!

Happy Birthday, Steinbeck!

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