Sunday, March 30, 2008

Book of the Week

This weekend, I read a book called Runner by Carl Deuker. This was an awesome read! I was entertained throughout because the story was a good mixture of suspense and reality. It's about a teen boy named Chance Taylor. His father is a bit of an alcoholic and is always running short on cash. Chance is under tons of stress all the time, so he escapes by taking long, powerful runs. He tries to keep out of trouble and out of the way, but is offered a deal that he simple can't refuse. A man offers him $250.00 to 'run' packages from the wharf where Chance and his dad live to a locker room. Chance doesn't know what the packages contain, but he does receive a lot of money for handling them.

This story made me wonder what I would do in Chance's situation. I really love it when books make me feel that way. This is definitely an enticing read with a bit of an action movie ending. You can find this book on the free reading shelf at the back of the room.

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