Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Discussion, Discussion

We started class today by talking about the process of signing up for next year's classes. We also were lucky enough to have two members of my current Junior English class present to talk about we do cover Junior year. Thanks Tim and Zach! If you've not signed up for all of your courses next year because you were absent, make sure you do that soon. Courses are filling quickly!

Wow. We really did have some great discussions today. A lot of them. We talked about the emptiness Elie and his fellow Jews feel during supposed holidays, about the absnce of God in their lives and minds, and held our breath as Elie's father barlely escaped selection.

We did, though, manage to get a lot of reading done as well. We read to page 78 in Night.

I had planed to do a poem project but we talked so much that we didn't have time.

There's always tomorrow, thanks to our new flex day!

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