Monday, March 17, 2008

Katherine's Monologue

A monologue is a long, dramatic speech given by one actor on stage. The purpose of this is usually to get across some sort of powerful or persuasive message to the other members of the play and the audience.

At the very end of The Taming of the Shrew, Katherine offers a rousing speech after Petruchio demands that she instruct her fellow womenfolk on their duty to their husbands. Some say that this monologue proves that Katherine has, in fact, been "tamed" by Petruchio; others contend that she is being ironic in her speech.

Now, you need to decide whether or not Petruchio has actually tamed his wife or if she is actually the same fiery girl hiding behind double-speak in her monlogue. Find five lines from her speech at the end of the play that prove your point and put them in to your own words.

You'll use these exmples and the ones you found the other day from Petruchio to prove your thesis for the final over this play.

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