Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's In Your Bindle?

On page nineteen of the book Of Mice and Men, the narrator lists the items contained in George's bindle. After we listen to chapter two of our book, we're going to work to make our own bindles. You need to:

-list the items in George's bindle
-list ten items you'd want to carry with you
-create a bindle from the materials provided

After you've made your bindle, you're going to explain the relevance and importance of the items you've chosen. Also, you're going to think about the ways in which your life would change if you were forced to become a migrant like George and Lennie. To do this, you're going to write a two-paragraph explanation.

In the first paragraph, choose the most important item in your bindle. It could be a survival tool or something more sentitmental. Describe this this object and explain why it is so important to you. Make sure your paragraph is at least five sentences.

For your second paragraph, write an explanation as to how your life and values would have to change if you were to have to live like George and Lennie. What would you miss the most? What would excite you the most? How would your life be different? Again, make sure that you write a full five sentence paragraph to answer these questions.

We're going to share our thoughts and items next class.

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