Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Buzz Choices

While we are waiting for computers to finish our first common assessment (Words, Words, Words), it makes sense to start our next. The second common assessment (and the LAST!) is called Book Buzz. For Book Buzz, you each need to read a book, fill out some paperwork, develop a presentation, create a visual aid for your presentation, and present. Easy, huh? Well, maybe not easy, but definitely interesting.

Interesting because we have three awesome books to choose from for this common assessment. The first is called Keesha's House. This book is told through a series of poems and through multiple characters. It brings up some of the many issues that normal teens face: teen pregnancy, drugs, peer pressure, homelessness, abuse, and feeling unwanted. The characters sound realistic and the poetry is well-formed.

The next choice is also told through a series of interconnected poems. Sold is a shocking, painful tale of a young girl who is sold into prostitution by her stepfather. unfortunately, this story is all too real for many thousands of children around the globe who are forced to sell their bodies in order to survive. This is a hard story to read, but an important issue to be aware of.

Finally, your third choice is a book called The First Part Last. Though this book is not told in poems, it is written in a poetic manner. This is the story of a young African American teen boy who finds himself caring for his infant daughter Feather. As a teen parent, Bobby is discovering that his life is forever changed. He cannot hang out with his friends like he used to and it's much harder going to school after trying to comfort a screaming baby all night. This is a powerful read in that we all know teens who face this situation. Here is one story of a teen dad who isn't sure that he's cut out for the job of being a father.

I hope that you all find a book that you connect with. If you finish reading one and have time to choose another, go for it. Or, if you start one and don't think that it's right for you, feel free to try another. Happy reading!

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