Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Constitution Day Activities

Constitution Day is supposed to be recognized on Wednesday, September 17th. However, I don't get to see you guys on that date. Therefore, we're going to do a little pre-celebration by talking about the First Amendment. Specifically, we're going to discuss a Supreme Court decision that focuses on the rights (or lack of rights) that students have when they're in school or representing their school.

This case, Morse v. Frederick, involved a student who decided to display a fourteen-foot banner that read "Bong Hits for Jesus". The student was suspended according to that school's policy. The student felt that his First Amendment rights were violated in this situation and sued. The case made it all of the way to the Supreme Court.

We're going to talk about this case in a class discussion and write our second Opinion Piece about it. Hopefully, lots of differing view points will be brought out.

We're also going to read to the end of chapter three in Animal Farm and take a tiny little quizzy over the whole government philosophy project thing.

The winners of the election, by the way, are those crazy men from the Democracy campaign. They have won a free lunch on me at the Rainbow Cafe. Good job! It was an extremely close race, but they pulled through for the final win.

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