Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Orwellian Adventure

Rather than proceed with our Government Philosophy Project, I decided that we should go ahead and learn more about George Orwell and Animal Farm. This shift is a direct result of a few of you who're having your wisdom teeth out today. I wouldn't want anyone in any of the groups to have to do all of the work!

So, we took some notes about Orwell's adventurous life. It was filled with travel, bravery, and some great writing. He truly is an interesting figure from both a literacy and historical standpoint.

Because of a little fire drill interruption, we did not quite finish the first chapter. We did, however, make it through Major's speech and his "dream" about animals all over England and Ireland uniting to overthrow Man. If you were absent, you need to read to page 33 in the old text or 13 in the new one. We are going to have a quiz over chapter one, so get ready!

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