Thursday, September 18, 2008

Snowball and Napoleon Had a Farm

E I E I O.

And on that farm they had some Commandments. How many? Seven. But what happens if not all animals can read these commandments? What happens if animals who can't read and write feel left out of the decision-making process?

And what happens if Snowball and Napoleon disagree too much about too many issues?

And what happens if you selectively segregate young pups and educate them secretly without others knowing?

And what happens if the animals catch on that pigs don't really need to eat all of the apples and milk?

And what happens if you rule animals with fear instead of reason?

What happens?

We'll find out soon. We are finished with chapter 3 and have completed a chapter 3 quiz. Next class we'll MOOve on to chapter 4.

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