Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Best Discussion Yet

Apparently, all we needed to have a passionate, organized discussion is a bouncy red ball. That's what it takes. Or, that's what you guys needed to be able to focus on allowing one person to speak at a time. You all have such strong opinions and I truly want to hear from all of you-- Just not all of you AT ONCE.

So, the topic that produced all of this amazing conversation? Whether or not to lower the drinking age. Seriously, folks. That's what college principals and military personnel across the nation are asking for. Why? They hope that keeping drinking legal for students and military recruits will discontinue the binge drinking trends that are popping up across the nation.

Of course, several of you brought up what would happen if eighteen year-olds were able to drink. Would younger teens have additional access through their senior friends and older siblings? Would drunk driving rates and deaths increase? Would teens learn to depend on alcohol as an escape from their problems?

I was amazed at the control and maturity you all demonstrated in discussing this topic. There were no immature rationalizations given in your arguments. Bravo.

After you impressed me with your conversational skills, we moved on to reading more of Animal Farm. Because our discussion took up a lot of time, we made it just a little more than half of the way through chapter eight.

If you were absent, please see me about completing Opinion Piece 5 and the reading you missed.

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