Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quote Tracking Sheet and Ms. Serrantino

Ms. Serrantino is a student at UMF. She'll be with us for a little while as part of a class she's taking. She's a senior and will be completing her student teaching this spring. We're excited to welcome her to our classroom!

A major difference between this year and all of the previous years I've taught the Double Entry Journal common assessment is that we used to complete the entire six entries over one book. Now, we're going to complete all of our entries over three or four of the books we read this year. This way, our entries will be spread out and will hopefully demonstrate your understandings of multiple texts.

So, we looked over our quote tracking sheet today and started to find quotations to record onto the sheet. We read to page 40 in Witness and kept track of the pages where our characters spoke. Later, we'll create a character analysis poster and write two DEJ's using these quotations.

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