Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vocabulary Test Prep and Witness Reading

Today we're going to do an activity designed to help us prepare for our upcoming vocabulary test. Here's what this'll look like:

1. Take your roots and prefixes list out with your sample words (like "chronological" for "chron")
2. Using one color, write your roots and prefixes on one set of seven flash cards (chron)
3. Using another color, write the rest of the word that you found in the dictionary (-ological)
4. Mix up your cards
5. Trade with a peer
6. Wait until I say "GO!"
7. Try to match all of the cards correctly
8. When you're done shout "BINGO!" (because I can't think of anything else...)
9. I will come and check your answers

After we completed this exercise, you all had so much fun that you wanted to do it again but make it harder. So, you all traded off your cards so that the color scheme no longer worked. We decided that having the roots and prefixes color-coded made it easier. Sure enough, it took you all longer to get a BINGO! the second round. We talked about whether or not this was a good way to review and you all expressed that it was. It certainly seemed to make you think about your roots and prefixes!

After the games were over, we proceeded to read Witness to page 75. If you were absent, you'll need to make your vocabulary cards and play the game by yourself : ( and complete the reading/ quotation finding that you missed. I've included a couple of pics in this BLOG entry so that you can see an example of the game cards.

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