Monday, November 17, 2008

Character Analysis Think-Pair-Share

Ah. We finished the book. Witness is done. It didn't take too long to finish the book this period because we were oh-so-close last time. 

After we finished the book, we completed a Think-Pair-Share activity over our characters. We did this to provide evidence as to whether our assigned characters were static or dynamic. Remember, static characters do not change over the course of a text. Dynamic characters change in significant ways. 

For this activity, you were all assigned at least one peer as a partner. The first part of the activity required you to write about your own character. You answered a series of five questions about your character to rationalize why your character could be called either static or dynamic. Then, you all shared your rationales with your partners. While you shared, your partner took notes about your rationale. Then, each partner shared your rationale out to the entire group. 

I was impressed with the explanations you all gave as part of your rationales. When we shared out you all did a god job of helping your peers to make other connections and conclusions that they weren't quite seeing. 

After the Think-Pair-Share was completed, you all turned the writing on the front of your worksheets into a one or two paragraph character analysis on the back of your worksheet.  Then, you had a short time to type your paragraphs and send them to me via your First Class email. If you did not get a chance to complete this in class today, you need to make sure you work on it in Study Skills. 

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