Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Crucible: Act II

Because we had such a wonderful, intense discussion last class, I thought that we should have a day of laid back reading. I have to say that those of you who are lucky enough to have parts to read (today there were only three parts) are doing a magnificent job of getting into your role. You are definitely working toward understanding the motivations and feelings of your characters when you sound angry, upset, scared, and excited in your reading. Good work. 

We were supposed to finish our reading guide over Act I today, but never got around to it. I think that will have to wait for another day!  

Now, to summarize what we've read so far in Act II (to page 59): 

-Mary Warren, the Proctors' servant girl has become involved with the other "possessed" girls
-There is tension in the Proctors' marriage because of John's relationship with Abigail
-Elizabeth Proctor has been named as a witch
-Elizabeth wants John to confront the magistrates about the "farce" of witchcraft
-39 women have been arrested for witchcraft in 8 days
-Goody Osburn has been sentenced to death for being a witch

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