Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Beginning: To Kill a Mockingbird

Before we started our new book, we started a brainstorm reflection about the two previous novels we've read, Of Mice and Men and Witness. These three books take place within ten years or so of one another, but in different parts of the country. To construct our larger class-sized brainstorm reflection, you all came up with words, themes, ideas, and issues related Witness and Of Mice and Men. After about five silent minutes, we collected your brainstorms onto one large chart. I've included pictures of our chart in this blog entry.

We read to page fifteen (the end of chapter one) in To Kill a Mockingbird and then completed a chapter one quiz that included some basic chapter knowledge questions, a quotation analysis question, and a question about our new vocabulary word form chapter one, malevolent.

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