Friday, February 27, 2009

This Week in Fahrenheit 451

Because we did not have school this Monday due to a snow event, we not did complete as much reading from Fahrenheit 451 as I had planned. Therefore, we spent much of Wednesday's class reading from the text and we read before we viewed additional scenes from the movie on Friday. We have now entered into Part Three of our book and Montag is in deeper trouble than we may have anticipated. In the book we've left off just as the fire truck has pulled up to Montag's house, ready to burn it to the ground. In the movie, we seen some events entirely unrelated to the book version. It will be very interesting to compare the book and movie version of this story as we work to unravel both. Already, you have all expressed some dismay at way the two plots differ. Interesting stuff.

Also interesting was our conversation and your vote on the theme for next year's senior election. I am waiting for two students who were not present in class on Friday to vote on their choice before I announce the winning theme. Next week, you will be analyzing some of Dr. Seuss's political cartoons and drawing some of your own related to Fahrenheit 451. I'll explain this lesson in more depth next week.

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