Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wiki Poem Lesson

Today we took Atticus' quotation from chapter three and expanded upon it. In chapter three, Atticus attempts to teach Scout about empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) when he asks Scout to out herself in the "shoes" of her teacher.

In class, you all had the opportunity to complete a creative writing assignment where you chose an actual shoe and imagined the type of life the person wearing the shoe would have. To do this, you first had to look closely at the shoe you chose and find words to describe its texture, color, shape, and size. From this, you needed to predict what purpose this shoe would serve, how old the person wearing the shoe would be, what type of lifestyle and/or income level this person would have and formulate a snapshot of a story about the person who wore this shoe.

You can find your finished poems, along with a picture of the shoe you chose on this site.

We also found time to complete a group quiz over chapters two and three. If you were absent, you need to complete the poem activity as well as the quiz.

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