Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DEJ and To Kill a Mockingbird the Movie

Today we worked on our fourth Double Entry Journal. We are working to complete this common assessment using the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. By the time that we finish the movie version of the book, we will also have the common assessment completed.

We also started watching the movie version of this novel in today's class. Each of you will be responsible for a certain topic ech class. There are twelve different categories on which we will focus our collective attention. For each of these categories, you will be looking for the similarities and differences between the movie and book version of this story. Each day that we watch the movie, you will have a different category or topic that you're looking for to record information. For instance, you might have a character analysis sheet for Atticus one day and a theme sheet about racism the next. In this way, you will all be challenged to collect various observations from the movie and not just focus on one character or one element of the story.

The purpose for this activity is to see how the movie differs from the book and to analyze how and why the director chose to create these changes. After the movie is completed, we will collect our observations into one space in order to determine the effect of the changes on the overall message of this story.

If you were absent, you need to find make time to view the first portion of the movie (through track 9) and record your observations on one of the tracking sheets.

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