Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Art of Shakespeare's Words

We are going to make Shakespeare's words come to life! What you're going to do for this project is pick a quote (a few lines will do) from Twelfth Night. You are going to recreate these lines using various materials to make those lines visual art. Here is an example:

This person used their iPod as part of their picture for a reason. Why? This quote is about music! The paper heart connects to the word "love" in the quote. What is missing from this example is the rest of the quote. The line actually reads "If music be the food of love then play on." Make sure you use the whole quote.

Another thing to note is that this example uses the author's name. For this project we will all be using the same book by the same author. You do NOT need to write William Shakespeare on your project.

This project will be done with all sorts of materials. We have listed some ideas on the blog, but go ahead and give us more ideas. Ms. G and I will look for items to use, but we need your help!

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