Thursday, April 30, 2009

The First Vignette

Today we're going to work on writing our first vignettes. Remember, these are short, descriptive pieces that focus on one snapshot of information or one memory you may have.

There are two choices today for topics to write about.

1.) You can write about your name. Some things to think about are: What does your name mean? Were you named for anyone? Is there someone you wish you were named for? Do you like your name? Would you change your name if you could?

For this one, it may help to look up what your name means. Here are some websites you can do that at:

2.) You can write about a favorite toy or game from childhood. Some things to think about are: How old were you when this was your favorite? Why did you love it so much? Was it a game or toy you played with outside or inside? Was it something you shared with your friends? What happened to it?

Remember to dig deep and get creative!

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