Friday, April 10, 2009

Types of Comedy

Here are the results from our Think-Pair-Share about the definitions of various types of comedy.

High Comedy
- Focuses on upper class
- Based on making fun of upper class people
- Not physical, sophisticated language, witty, sophisticated setting

Low Comedy
- Depicts lower class people
- Drinking, vulgar language, lower class behavior, blue collar, slapstick/physical

Dramatic Clown
- Entertains the king
- Court jester
- High comedy
- Smart, witty, double speak

- Uses irony and sarcasm
- Making fun of people
- Points out weaknesses of certain people or a society

- A little “out there”
- Situations are not believable or practical
- This comedy is not supposed to seem real

Shakespearean Comedy
- Plot is non-linear
- Confusing
- Love
- Cross dressing
- Humorous names

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