Friday, April 3, 2009

Writing About the World

This is our world.
Well, this is really our globe made out of a beach ball, newspaper and paint but we're going to make it bigger and better.

Today you're going to write in stream of consciousness format. “Stream of consciousness” means that you write without punctuation and traditional sentences. It’s kind of like a list, but in paragraph form.

You are exploring our world and the world that Fahrenheit 451. You are going to write about the past, the present and the future.
Answer the following questions in a stream of consciousness format.

On page 163, Granger talks about the Phoenix, a bird that continually burns to ashes and then regenerates. From our history as a nation and on this planet, what lessons are we in danger of repeating if we don’t pay attention?


What makes our world a dystopia?

What makes our world a utopia?


As Granger says on page 156, we all “need to leave something behind” when we die. What do you hope to leave behind when you die?

After you've answered the questions read through your work again and pick out some words. Pick words that really mean something and stand out to you. What words feel powerful when you read them? Which words to you simply like and want to highlight? Make those words bigger.

When you're done play around with the format of your writing. Put some words in different fonts. Make some words big. Make some words tiny. Make your writing look cool so that when we add it to our globe we will have all sorts of different words covering the whole thing.

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