Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dada Poetry, Twelfth Night, and The Beatles

Part of the point and most of the comedy of Twelfth Night is that it is absolutely crazy and absurd. Like Shakespeare, Dada poets and the infamously famous Beatles have also played with jumbled messages to create a sort of absurd art. The Dada movement, which existed in the early 1900's, had some impact on freeing up creative expression to allow for other movements like punk rock and surrealist art.

Today, you're going to create your own Dada-rific poem about a character (maybe even your character) from Twelfth Night. You're going to work to keep the fancy free feeling of completely absurd images and preposterous language can create while referencing your character specifically.

To do this, you're going to find a character summary in the front of our Twelfth Night text and type all of the important, descriptive words for your character into a Dada Poem Generator. You may also add-in some words of your own that are not contained in the summary. For example, I may want to add "yellow" in Malvolio's Dada poem because of the garters he wears for Olivia. From this generator, you should get a poem that relates to your character on the one hand, but makes very little sense on the other. If you don't like the original poem your are given, simply repaste and press "create poem" over again. Pretty simple, yet pretty crazy.

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