Monday, May 18, 2009

House on Mango St. and Vignette #4

Today we read from The House on Mango Street to page sixty-two. If you were absent, you need to read this section of the text to catch up before next class.

After we read, you all had the opportunity to choose from two topics for your fourth vignette. They are:

Your First Job: This does not have to be an actual job where you're taxed and paid by the hour, because most of you have not had a "real" job yet. Several of you, though, have worked for relatives and/or have had babysitting or chore-related jobs that you either were or were not paid for doing.

Born _________: In the text, Esperanza tells us that she was "Born Bad." She relates this notion to a time when she made fun of her Aunt Lupe, who had a debilitating disease. You may choose a posititive or negative quality to describe the personality you were born with. I read some rough drafts from those of you who claim to have been born "weird" and "stubborn." Interesting vignettes so far!

Remember: Only 7.5 Blue Days Left!

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