Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Because it's raining and the paper versions of our bodies cannot withstand such abuse, we're going to postpone the actual putting together and creation of our bodies to Friday.

Instead, we're going to use our time to write a letter to our bodies. This idea comes from a creative writing tool I have called The Diary Deck. This deck is filled with cards that contain stories from teens as well as questions for the reader. The prompt that we're going to respond to today asks us to:

Write a letter to your body telling it how you feel about it. Include your best features and those that you might change if you could. Think about physical characteristics as well as unique or familiar aspects of your body, like scars and genetic inheritances. For instance, I could write about my fingers, which are the same as my mother's. It's weird putting them next to one another because they are so similar.

Be creative with your letter: it will be placed in the center of your body project. Feel free to decorate it with drawings or magazine clippings.

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