Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trace Your Body Project

Today we started the Trace Your Body Project. For this project, you all brainstormed some descriptive words related to the various roles you play in your life. The categories you needed to fill are: who you are with your family, with your friends, at school, and when you're alone.

This project is related to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night because many of the characters in this play are duplicitous, meaning they portray themselves as being one way in front of certain characters and they act completely different in front of others or when they are alone.

After you each had at least five words for the four categories listed, you all journeyed to the Tech Center lobby to trace and cut out the shape of your bodies. As we were completing this task, several of you mentioned that you had never thought of the variety of roles you play in your daily life. We'll have a bigger discussion about this as we continue this project.

Next class, we'll act out a little more of Twelfth Night and start to fill the four quadrants of our tracings with images, words, and symbols that represent all of our personalities!

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