Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who Are You Today? Who Were You Yesterday?

Today we're going to write poems that describe who we are today and who we were yesterday. We're going to use newspapers to do this activity. What you'll do:

Look up your zodiac sign on the horoscopes provided to you.

Highlight key words/ phrases that relate to you from "today" and from "yesterday."

Arrange the words/ phrases into a found poem with two stanzas 1) yesterday and 2) today.

Write your poem out on a sheet of white paper and use colored pencils to decorate.

Happy half day!

* * *
Here's a student sample:

Today is a 7
Next four weeks: Soul-search
Take time, make decisions
Sleep soundly again
Take a deep breath from my hectic pace.

Yesterday was an 8
Had a conversation with an old friend
Did me a world of good
Couldn't see him, so I called.
We laughed the whole time;
We center each other.

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