Monday, June 8, 2009

Blog and Final

Though we're going to have 1:1 computing next year (meaning you'll have your own laptops), we might not get them until as late as December. Because of this time crunch, I want you all to have a blog that will meet the needs of our class assignments up and going and ready for 1:1. The blogs we tried earlier this year were not making me happy and they did not allow you all to have the freedom and individuality that you need. Therefore, we are setting up new blog accounts and you all are going to have time today to customize your blog. 

You final can be found on our class wiki page. Note that I've promoted you all to senior level because, well, you're basically seniors now! The description and requirements for the final are listed on this wiki page. We'll be working to set up the blogs in today's class and we'll have next class and the day of the final to complete the requirements listed for the final. 

Please let me help you when you need help. Please feel free to help one another when help is needed. I am only one person and some of you are more comfortable with technology than others; share your expertise!

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