Thursday, June 11, 2009

English 10: The Final

Guys and gals, this is it. After this final exam, you're officially juniors. Crazy, huh? For some of you, this year has maybe felt like forever and for the rest it's flown by and you have no idea where the time went. Well, I kinda feel like both of those statements are true.

Either way, we're going to complete a final that will both help us to reflect on what we've accomplished this year and set ourselves up for next year. We tried a blogging site this year that I ultimately was not happy with. Your old blogs will still exist, but we're going to develop new ones to help lead us in to next year's interwoven English/ History course. Though we're moving to 1:1 computing next year, we're uncertain as to when we're actually going to have computer access. Therefore, we're going to get all set up for next year today.

To view the requirements of your final, please go to your new class wiki space.

Welcome to junior year.

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