Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lush by Natasha Friend

Though Sam is only an eighth grader, she is dealing with problems beyond her years. Her parents are both absent in their own ways. Mom is obsessed with yoga and dad is constantly sneaking off to drink. The only escape Sam has is to spend time with her little four year-old brother, and he's not much of a help when it comes to helping her with her adult-sized issues.

To top all of this off, Sam has developed early and has large breasts that bring out the most immature comments ever heard from eighth grade boys and girls alike. Because she has no one to relate to, Sam finds herself communicating with an anonymous stranger through notes left in the local library. Though this stranger listens and tries to help, Sam is still left vulnerable to older boys and her father's increasing alcohol abuse.

This story is well-written and deals with several heavy topics in a realistic, humorous way. Though this book seems to be a match for teen girls, there are some boys who may enjoy getting into the mind of a teen girl. Not an easy thing to do, right? Also, this book includes lots of resources for those who'd like to research alcoholism and/or find help for their own or a loved one's alcohol abuse.

You can find this book available for sign out at the back of the room on the free reading shelves.

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