Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome Back All

Rather than go through all kinds of rules first thing this year, many of the teachers at MBHS have decided to ease students into our classrooms with a more positive vibe. Hopefully, the "thou shalt nots" will not be the only message you all take away from their first week back.

For my part, I plan on going over some of the expectations I have listed in the syllabus. These expectations are not based on rules, but on the thinking and learning that I hope to engage you all in throughout this year. Some common ones to all of the courses I teach are:

-reflect on your thinking and learning practices
-participate in class discussions and group work
-evaluate yourself as a learner
-be challenged in your thinking

My hope is that you will all have expectations for me as well. I recognize the enormity of the expectations that I am placing on you; what is it that you expect of me and this course? Are there any additional expectations that you would add to this list?

For our first activity, we're going to add to my list. I'm going to give you all some sticky notes and you're going to add as many expectations as you'd like. I'm going to keep these stickies and we'll refer to them throughout the year to see how we're progressing toward our goal.

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