Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contest for Maine Juniors

I just received a flier and some pamphlets describing a contest called Journey Into Writing. This contest is sponsored by the Governor and by the Maine Community College System. The contest is limited to students who are juniors in a Maine high school. That's you and that's a pretty small pool of candidates.

Also, the prize is pretty huge. Up to three winners will receive $2,500 cash and fifteen of the top choices will receive $500. That's pretty cool, eh?

AND you can submit any type of writing that you'd like. It can be a non-fiction piece, a fictional piece, a poem, a whatever. It just can't be more than 1,500 words. You can only submit once piece of writing, and I know a lot of you have several choices. The deadline for this contest is December 1st, so we'll talk more about this in the future. Be thinking about your piece in the meantime.

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