Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goal Setting

An important part in reaching a destination is knowing how to get there. You need to know (or at least think through) the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. As we've said before, your success in high school is not going to happen by accident.

Each quarter, we'll work to establish do-able goals. You'll write two goals: one needs to talk about a personal goal that you have for yourself (to be better rested for school, to manage your time better, etc.) and the other needs to be an academic goal (to do well in a class you've traditionally had a tough time in passing, to maintain eligibility for a sport, etc.).

Each goal will have two steps below it. You need to identify two habits or behaviors that you can work on to help accomplish your goal.

Please remember that the goals you set need to be realistic and accomplish-able. (I'm making up words left and right today!) If your goals are too unrealistic, you may feel put-off when you can't possibly accomplish them. We'll use these goals throughout the quarter, so make sure to set goals that you can work with!

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