Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letter to Yourself: June 11, 2010

As we discussed in class today, sometimes achieving a goal requires a visualization of the steps involved in reaching it. For instance, one of you said in class today that if you want to make honor roll, there are steps you need to plan on taking in order to reach that goal or chance are you won't realize it.

There are a whole lot of steps involved in making it through your first year of high school (or second and third for some of you). One strategy that I like to take when I'm reaching for the seemingly impossible is to simply imagine what it would feel like to have reached it. This type of visualization is important in keeping a positive attitude and in know what steps you need to take so that you can be successful.

To help us in this process, I asked you all to write a letter to yourself dated June 11, 2010. This is our last scheduled blue day together. I asked that this letter contain two elements:

1. Describe how you made it through the tough times you encountered this year
2. Talk about your favorite aspect of being in high school

I will hand these letters back to you on June 11, 2010. My hope is that this letter finds you as successful and proud as your letters make you sound. You can all do it!

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