Friday, September 25, 2009

Poetry Friday, Senior CD's and Hamlet

Today's Poetry Friday selection comes to us from a very dark, intelligent poet. Have always loved the way Anne Sexton uses language to uncover the dark spots in relationships and in our society. Because Hamlet has a lot of dark that needs exposing, Sexton's poem "The Assassin" is our Poetry Friday selection. We talked a lot about this poem as you all copied it down. Right away, you noted that the speaker has a bit of a double message going on. It's seem like the speaker would like to love and kill her husband at the same time. We related this to the play Hamlet because of the sort of double relationships that we're seeing. There's Hamlet and his mother/ aunt, Hamlet and his uncle/ father, Hamlet and his love for Ophelia/ anger at women. This was a very interesting conversation and I now know that you can handle just about any poem!

We're almost, but not quite finished with II.ii in Hamlet. Next class, we'll start with Hamlet's soliloquy.

Most of you passed in your song selections for the Sounds of Senior Year CD project. I'm excited by the variety of songs from different genres. This'll be a cool CD. Good work, seniors!

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