Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SAT Vocabulary Game

For our very first half day together, we played a new game that I bought over the summer. Since most of you are enrolled in tech programs, I had a lonely group of five chit-chatty girls to work with. So, when thinking about what we should do for our half day, I thought that playing a game where we could talk about our lives and use amazingly important words at the same time would be hugely fun.

Enter the coolest vocabulary game ever: Word Teasers SAT Prep. This game asks questions like, "Which of your friends is the most loquacious?" and then it gives the definition and pronunciation of the (probably) unfamiliar vocabulary word. After we define the word to the group, we then go around and give our answers.

As it turns out, this activity led to tons of discussion and tons of great use of vocabulary. Good job, ladies!

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