Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stereotypes of Native Americans in Comics

After reviewing the many stereotypes we listed as part of last class, we looked to see how these stereotypes appear in comics. You each received a cartoon that involved a Native American figure and displayed some sort of stereotype about Native Americans. Some cartoons referred to one or two stereotypes, while others hit on several. We added two items to our list of stereotypes:

-Native Americans all own or work at casinos
-Native Americans smoke(d) marijuana or other intoxicants in "peace pipes"

You all had the chance to stand up in front of the class, show your comic to the group, read the dialogue contained in your comic, and explain which of the stereotypes you found. The most common stereotypes that we saw in these comics related to the notion that modern Native Americans dress in loin cloths and wear feathers and the perception that Native Americans are relics and don't really exist in the modern world.

We will continue to use comics as a means of looking at stereotypes in each of the groups of people we study this year.

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