Thursday, October 29, 2009

Accolade Necklace

I've long toyed with the idea of creating some sort of link between the popular television series Survivor and our reading of The Hunger Games. I decided that I did not like the idea of voting people out of class, so I had to come up with some other way to connect the these similar platforms. When I was watching Survivor last week, I listened to some of the contestants giving positive feedback to others on their tribes. Thus, the idea of an Accolade Necklace was born.

In Survivor, contestants try to win something called an Immunity Necklace. This protects the winning contestant from being voted off. Our Accolade Necklace is based on the same idea, except that you will all have a vote in who receives the necklace and have to come up with a reason why your candidate deserves to wear the necklace for the following week.

To create the necklace, we brainstormed some positive characteristics that we admire in our peers. Some of the ones you came up with are:


And the list goes on. To make the necklace, you all chose a couple of these characteristics and wrote them on a bead. One of our most creative students took all of the materials to make the necklace and your beads and fashioned the gorgeous jewelry that is our Accolade Necklace. Thanks to that talented lady!

In today's class, we read to page fifty-two in The Hunger Games. This is where we'll pick up next class.

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