Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hamlet: The Truth is Near

Much of today's class was devoted to reading and acting out acts four and the first part of act five in Hamlet. In this section of the story, more and more of the action begins to build. We see that Claudius is setting up multiple methods to "off" Hamlet. He has even enlisted Laertes' help in this matter. We are worried for Hamlet, but know that Hamlet is up to something, particularly after we hear he's been hanging with pirates and is sending letters to Claudius.

On a sadder note, Ophelia has succumbed to a probable suicide. We mourned her death, knowing that she was more than likely driven mad by the sudden death of her father and Hamlet's confusing behavior. So, Ophelia is the second victim of this tragedy. Who will be next? We'll pick up our reading next week to find out!

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