Friday, October 2, 2009

Relaxed Day of Reading and Poetry Friday

We were kinda in rough shape today. Several people were out sick and one student came in on crutches. So, we had a day of reading and talking. It was a pretty nice change from the hectic pace that we've been keeping lately.

We used some class time for SSR and then celebrated Poetry Friday with a poem from Ann Turner. I found this poem in Turner's book Learning to Swim, which tells the story of the summer when she was molested by an older neighborhood boy. In looking for poems with connections to Speak, I was amazed at the parallels I found in the poem "I am the Pig", which we copied down in today's class. As we read from Speak, it was unbelievable to hear some of the same exact language from Turner's poem used from Melinda's perspective.

We read to page 109 in Speak. We'll pick up there next class.

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