Monday, November 30, 2009

Hunger Games Finale & We're On Fire!

Well, almost as soon as we finished the Hunger Games we felt the need to dive right in and start reading Catching Fire. Who am I to say no? First, though, I did have you all make some post-it predictions so that we can think about what might be in store for our favorite characters in this next book.

Because I've already read this next title, I can say that some of your predictions will come true and some will not. All, though, are on the right track. I've sealed your post-its and we'll open them and see who was close and who was not so close once we're a good ways into Catching Fire.

Please remember to bring your laptops to class on Friday, as we're going to use them in class. We're going to delve into some of the Senioritis assignments starting this week. Woo-hoo!


Eric said...

Some of the best books ever! I just can't wait for book three! Especially after the cliffhanger in book two. Lol


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Congratulations on accomplishing the Hunger games, I will be looking forward to have book three :)

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