Friday, November 6, 2009

Poetry Friday, Guest Speaker, and the Games

I've been reading all kinds of poetry in preparation for teaching The Hunger Games. In my quest, I've found all kinds of amazing poems. This Friday, I wanted to offer up a poem that seems (to me) to come from Peeta's point of view. We are definitely sensing that Peeta might have some deep feelings for Katniss, though she seems totally unaware that he could ever feel that way for her. She goes back and forth in her pre-games relationship with Peeta and is (understandably) not stable in her emotions. So, here is a poem called "Opal" by Amy Lowell. Can you see why I thought of Peeta and Katniss when I read it?

After our Poetry Friday celebration/ discussion, we had a visit from a former student. Ryan had come into see me earlier this week and I thought that his success story would be an inspiration for all of you. I know that some of you have plans to enter into the service after graduation, but even if you have your sights set elsewhere, Ryan's story is an inspiring one. You all asked thoughtful, meaningful questions of Ryan. Thanks, Ryan! Stay safe!

We had some time after Ryan left to read from The Hunger Games. We made to chapter eleven and had to end right as Katniss was entering into the arena. I promise that we'll read and read and read next week. I'm encouraged by your excitement about this text!

Finally, we ended today's class with a quick vote about which of you deserved the honor of the Accolade Necklace. There were several candidates mentioned, but Gary came out on top. We you all shared your observations and reasons as to why Gary deserved this award. You mentioned his excitement for the book, his text-to-movie connections and his contributions to discussion. We'll honor another student next week!

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