Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quote of the Week

Kurt Vonnegut is perhaps one of my favorite writers. I have read several of Vonnegut's titles and have loved them all. Of course, I have some favorites, like Slaughter-house Five, but I would struggle to say that one of his works is leaps and bounds better than another. If anything, this man was a writer. So, when I find a quotation of his about writing, I listen. Here's one I read recently:

"Anyone can write: all it takes is time."

There is no statement about writing more true than this one. I know that the writing that I do every day as part of this blog and as part of my teaching and learning is extensive. Why do I do it? Because without writing I am not able think and reflect as clearly. Somehow, I have merged writing and thinking over the years and I find it difficult to do one without the other.

I know that some of you take a lot longer than others to write. Some forms of writing are more relevant to your life. Some of the writing you do in school does not feel like writing that you're "doing" for a grade. Some of you carve out spare time for writing. Some of you show everyone the poems and stories you write; others of you show no one.

I like this short, simple quotation from Vonnegut because it applies to all of us. Keep writing, keep using time for thought, interaction, reflection, story-telling, whatever. Keep writing.

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