Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'd LIke To Give A Shout Out To...

Here are my instructions for the Holiday Break Reading Challenge # 10:

There are so many blogs on the Internet that it would be impossible to keep up with all of them. So, your challenge is to:

1 - Go to Google or one of your favorite search engines and find search for blogs that cater to your tastes. Try to find at least 3 blogs to share.

2 - Keep track of their title, web address, and a short summary of what you like about it.

3 - Post something on your blog about these blogs with the title I'd Like To Give A Shout Out To...

* * *
1. I found this blog recently and have been following it to see what this super creative woman comes up with. She's chosen to paint her nails in a new style every day for a year. I don't actually paint my fingernails because they chip so easily and it annoys me to have chipped fingernails, but The Daily Nail makes me want to paint my nails. I've passed on this site to a few of my students who're interested in coming up with a daily activity that they can blog about. It makes me think about what I could do every day for a year. Hm. Food for thought.

2. Food and thought reminds me of my next favorite blog. It combines baking and storytelling. It's written by a teen girl and is expertly formatted and engaging. Not to mention that the photos make you want to climb right inside your computer and take a seat at her table! This blog is called 17 and Baking and it's one that I've used with my students as an example of excellent blogging.

3. And, on to education. I'm a hopeless teacher geek when it comes to thinking about lesson planning and innovative teaching. So, I follow all kinds of teacher/ teaching blogs. There is one, though, that inspires me to teach more than the rest. It's called Two Writing Teachers and it's pretty fabulous (as far as teacher blogs go)! It's chock full of great ideas and the two women who run it write intelligently and are an excellent model of creative, collaborative work.

So. There you have it. These are the blogs that I look forward to reading on a daily basis. I hope that you all find time to enjoy them as well!


Ms_Blingammm said...

Thanks for the teacher site. As a teacher myself, I been looking for good ones. Happy last week of the break! :)


karinlibrarian said...

I agree, thanks for the teacher site. I definitely bookmarked it.