Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Study Skills Midterm & Survey

Study Skills Midterm Directions

There are two parts to your midterm exam. In the first part, you're going to show off some the skills you've learned this semester. Here's what you need to do for the first part:

1. Take a screen shot of your grades on powerschool and attach it as a JPEG in an email to me.
2. Compose an etiquette-filled email explaining how you feel about the grades you've earned this semester. **Don't focus on the negative!**
3. In your email, explain what goals you've met AND a goal or two that you have for next quarter.
4. Make sure that you're specific in your goals. Don't just say that you'd like to do better; talk about specific classes and specific goals that you have for your grades/ participation/ efforts in your classes.
5. Make sure that you talk about at least ONE accomplishment that you've made this semester that you're proud of.

Once you're done with your email and you've sent it off to me, please complete this survey.

Though some of you do not have me as an English teacher, this information will be a valuable tool for me to use in thinking about how all students in my classes are using technology.

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