Monday, January 4, 2010

A Long Way Gone: Acrostic Poems

It's hard to pick up reading after a sixteen-day vacation, but you all got right back into reading A Long Way Gone without any problems. We picked up where we left off, which was at chapter sixteen. Ishmael is now in a sort of reform camp for former boy soldiers, but his life is not at all what you'd call healthy or normal. The boys are still withdrawing from drug addiction and are trying to recreate the violent atmosphere they've been living in for the past few years.

At about mid-chapter, Ishmael recounts some of the exploits he engaged in during his tenure as a soldier. At one point, he recollects the nicknames the other boy soldiers gave to himself and his friend, Alhaji. They were "Little Rambo" for Alhaji and "Green Snake" for Ishmael.

Today's assignment is for you to write an acrostic poem using either of the boys' nicknames. This acrostic poem should demonstrate an understanding of the book and provide specific references to the text. I'd also like you to include a picture in this post that helps to illustrate or extend your poem's meaning.

Here are some of your finished poems from your blogs:

"Little Rambo" by K. N.
"Little Rambo" by J. B.

I don't have any student sample poems that use "Green Snake" that do not contain serious errors. Once these rough draft poems are corrected, I'll link to more sample poems. This is due to the fact that we ran out of time before we could completely finish today's assignments.

Good work today. Welcome back!

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