Friday, January 15, 2010

Send a Message

This past summer, a bunch of other teachers and I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, for a conference. While we were there, we did some sightseeing. One of the most important stops on this trip was to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthplace. It was so powerful to see where this amazing legend was born. I cannot tell you what it meant to stand on his porch and to take a stroll around his neighborhood.

Part of seeing King's birthplace included a tour of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Park. (It's not really a park; it's more like a little museum.) I have to say that the museum exhibits and the condition of the museum itself were not very impressive. There were a ton of powerful artifacts and photos, but the building felt a little rundown. By the time we hit the gift shop, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed and almost sad. I decided to ease my sadness by purchasing all kinds of stuff to show you guys. But, even the gift shop was not as cool as it could have been.

When I saw some postcards featuring quotations from Dr. King. I loved the messages on the postcards, but the images that went with the postcards were kinda ugly. Quickly, Mr. Ryder and I thought up a plan: Mt. Blue students will make better ones. And we'll do it for Dr. King's birthday. In January, 2010. Now.

So, here we are. We've found some powerful quotations from poetry about the Civil Rights Movement. You have your laptops. You have access to thousands of photos on Creative Commons. You have a keen eye for design. We'll hang our final products in the cafeteria this coming Tuesday. We'll inspire our community with tons of positive images and words from our nation's greatest thinkers.

Let's do this.

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