Friday, February 5, 2010

Shakespeare K-W-L & Bio Poem

What do you remember from last year's Shakespeare unit? Anything? Nothing? Well, here's your chance to reacquaint yourself with the Bard, his life, and the time period in which he lived. To accomplish this task, we're first going to brainstorm the facts that we already know about Shakespeare. Then, you are all going to come up with a couple of questions or points of interest that you'd like to know more about where Shakespeare and/or life during the Elizabethan times are concerned. After you develop your questions, you're going to go online and search for some facts that will hopefully answer your questions and that give you more information about this time period.

Once you've located your facts, you'll work to sort them into your group's concept sort map, which looks like this:
Once your group is finished working on completion of this graphic, we'll create a whole-class sort that will show all of the facts we learned in today's class. After this step, you'll use the info you found to create what's called a Bio Poem over Shakespeare's life.

Here is a screenshot of our our (almost) completed KWL chart (click to make it appear as a full-screen image):

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