Friday, February 12, 2010

I Heart Poetry!

This Poetry Friday is doubly special because it falls right before Valentine's Day, which is a traditionally poem-filled holiday. Our poem this week is a type of concrete poetry because it creates a discernible shape. Here is our poem:

This poem was the inspiration for the poetic activity that we're going to complete today. Here's what you're going to do.

Step 1: Go to this poetry site and choose a line or two that make sense on their own.
Step 2: Grab some candy hearts and write the words from your line(s) of poetry on them.
Step 3: Arrange your lines of poetry in a shape that's meaningful to you.
Step 4: Snap a picture of your concrete poem creation for your blog.
Step 5: Trade your candy hearts with another student. Have the other student use your words to make their own poem and a new shape.
Step 6: Take a picture of the new poem(s) and post them on your blog.
Step 7: Write a blog entry with your pictures. Make sure to explain what was hard about creating poems using these materials and what was easy.

Here is my poem: Here is Ms. Ferry's poem using my words:

Here are some student poems and posts about this activity. We did not have enough time for every student to finish, so I may have them revisit this activity when we return from Feb. break.

Student 1

Student 1's Re-formed Poem

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