Monday, February 1, 2010

Organizing Your Email

As we begin to use our firstclass email more and more, we need to make sure that our email inboxes stay organized. Organization for email is key so that important files and messages are not lost or buried in your inbox. To help make this a reality, you all need some folders to help keep your messages straight. I keep all kinds of folders in my email and find it much easier to retrieve information I need.

To accomplish the task of getting folders for all of your emails, we created a list of the folders you'll need to have. This list included your basic classes and your extracurricular activities. Some of you wanted to have additional folders, which is fine. This system needs to work for you.

After this, I used our newly installed LCD projector to show you all how to go about creating folders in your email. I wanted to give you all credit for accomplishing this task, so I had you take a screenshot of your mewly created folders and send it to me via firstclass.

Now, all you need to do is maintain and clean and organized inbox!

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